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B in Antwerp  

we care about your health and safety

In these challenging Covid-19 times, we place special emphasis on your well-being and safety, which is why besides our extra comfortable, well-appointed rooms and prime location, you benefit from unique safety measures that minimize Covid-19 risks: 

  • Safe check-in:

At B in Antwerp, your check-in process involves zero contact with

another person – you get your access code by email, get your key card from our special lock box upon arrival – and you’re in!

Key Box
  • Safety in small numbers: 

with a total of 6 rooms, your contact with other guests is minimal, and you can easily observe social distancing. 

  • Highest sanitary standards: 

our rooms are carefully cleaned and sanitized between guests, so you can relax, knowing that you are protected. The same standard is applied to our lobby and all public areas.


We invite you to enjoy the sights of vibrant Antwerp, starting or ending your days in a relaxing, luxurious location where you can feel pampered, yet secure and protected.
We’re happy to address any concerns or questions – feel free to contact us!

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